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After about a year of version 1, here is version 2, with a new but very unoriginal layout. The picture comes from Ura*Hevn ban 001, the cover.
It's made in notepad and paint shop pro for the resolution 1024x768, but any other resolution will work too.



21.08.06: As most of you will already know, Soroban disbanded on August 2nd :(
I suppose we can only hope the members will continue their music career, and will be back in the spotlight soon. They are still so young and so talented, so I don't doubt that we'll hear something of one of them soon.
A big thank you goes to Soroban for the wonderful songs they made in the past 2 years.

About the website, I will definitly be continuing it, updates will just become very rare.
I added a few new pictures to the gallery and updated the biography and timeline and such...

29.06.06: I added the lyrics of Kinmei Nouzenharen, and scans of the booklets of all three singles plus of Chaarii. Also added several magazine scans.

11.03.06: Finally I'm done with revamping Shirokuro web. I updated about everything, the biography, timeline, changed the whole discography section and added all the new releases and some new lyrics.
I added a million (not really) of new scans to the gallery although I'm still looking for some scans.


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